About me

Thank you for visiting my page and learning a little bit about me. In this space I hope to give voice to the many random thoughts and characters that have taken residence within me. I’m a mom, a teacher, a woman, and a thinker who looks for the beauty in the dark and hidden as well as within the light.


2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Evelyn, I came across your memoir/article when I typed Oma Nazi and Spy into my google browser. I’ve been coming to grips, slowly, over the course of two decades, with what my grandmother went through during WWII. I love your stories about Tante Hanna and your Oma. I can totally relate to those pictures and your description of the smell of your Oma’s kitchen. I’m an aspiring writer and my working title is “My Oma, the Spy – How I Came To Grips With My Grandma Helping The Nazis”. Anyways, just thought I’d reach out real quick. Take care! Victor (victorbuechler@gmail.com).


    • Hello Victor. It’s interesting that you posted your response now, and I thank you for writing, as I had been working on revising my story and you gave me the impetus to re-publish it. I, too, struggled a long time with coming to terms with my heritage. The stories my grandmother and mother told me were the stuff of movies- perseverance, horror, human suffering, redemption, love, and hope. Mostly hope. Thanks again for your message. ~Evelyn


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